As you know, the Ontario Government ordered most workplaces to close Tuesday, March 24. This measure is to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is the fastest moving, most dramatic issue I have seen in my lifetime. That means that governments need to make quick decisions.

The Government’s “essential” services list includes: land registration services, real estate agent services and moving services.

Many other professionals appear in the essential list, including banking, lawyers, and accountants. Shutting down these sectors completely (like real estate) could have huge unintended consequences for consumers and a damaging domino impact on other deals.

The “essential” label to real estate is to permit transactions to close – NOT to carry on with normal business practices.

These are definitely challenging & unprecedented times. We all have an obligation to do what’s right to keep our families, colleagues, and communities safe.

I have never been so proud to be Canadian! I’m impressed by the swift action by all levels of government to try and stay ahead of this pandemic. Providing tools & funding required as we move forward.

Keep reminding yourself, we will get through this. It is just a matter of time and everyone’s cooperation.

If you have ANY questions, wanting to discuss putting a game plan in place with moving or simply chat about the economy … do not hesitate to contact me! As always WE are a team and in this together.

My best to YOU.

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