It is that time of year again in Southern Ontario, where we enter the last phase of summer and start to enjoy the multitude of festivals & gatherings throughout the province and country.

Winona Peach FestivalI proudly support and sponsor the Winona Peach Festival in Hamilton, Ontario.  For many years I have been participating and sponsoring the festival to show my support to the amazing people and community which are not only some of my real estate clients, but many of my friends and family. Each year they take the time out of their busy schedules to work tirelessly around the clock to host and run this amazing festival.

The Winona Peach Festival began 50+ years ago (1967) as part of the Centennial celebration and has since grown into an extensive 3-day event that sees hundred of thousands of people coming from all over; Stoney Creek, Hamilton, Niagara, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga, Toronto GTA and beyond.

The festival this year will be from August 23rd till the 25th 2019 and I am looking forward to visiting all the various attractions and booths of local businesses, charities, and of course trying all the super delicious food from the vendors and the infamous peach sundae from the Winona Men’s Club!

LUanne Labreche Peach Festival DonationThis year I am sponsoring the Winona Peach Festival by donating a 55″ RCA Scenium 4K UHD LED TV to the draw lottery. Tickets are reasonably priced at only $5 for 2 and can be purchased currently through local businesses plus selected booths at the Winona Peach Festival. More information on the draw, tickets and other details can be found here: http://www.winonapeach.com/draw-lottery

Winners will be announced on Sunday August 25th at 5:30pm so be sure to grab your tickets before they are all gone!!

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